Dispatcher To Carrier Agreement

Secure Dispatching Services LLC

This Agreement is made on this day of / to between” Secure Dispatching Services LLC hereafter referred to as Dispatcher and here in after

Referred to as CARRIER. DISPATCHER is a transportation dispatcher handling the necessary paperwork between SHIPPERS and/or BROKERS and the CARRIER in order to secure” Freight” for said CARRIER.

WHEREAS, CARRIER is a Motor CONTRACT Carrier subject to the jurisdiction of the ICC: NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the promises and covenants hereinafter contained it is mutually agreed by and between the parties hereto as follows:


•DISPATCHER agrees to handle paperwork, phone calls, and faxes from the BROKER or SHIPPER to tender commodities shipments to CARRIER for  transportation in interstate commerce by CARRIER between points and places within the scope of CARRIER’S operating authority.

•DISPATCHER bears no financial or legal responsibility in the transaction between the SHIPPER or Broker and you the CARRIER.

•Dispatcher will find ALL your loads so there are no mix ups.


•Make 100 % effort to keep truck(s) loaded.

•CARRIER will be contacted (by phone call/text/email) about EVERY load we find to offer, and the
 Driver will ACCEPT or REJECT the load.

•Invoice the CARRIER at the time of service; also provide a copy of each Load Confirmation Sheet.

•Payment is due to DISPATCHER at time of invoice.


•CARRIER agrees to pay a flat rate fee of $250 OR 5% PER WEEK PER TRUCK. You will be invoiced once a week, the invoice will be sent out Friday/Monday,  for all your weekly loads, and due Sunday/Tuesday respectively.

•CARRIER gives DISPATCHER authority to provide his signature for rate confirmation sheets, invoice and associated paper works necessary for securing Cargo  and billing purposes. The terms of this agreement shall be continuous, provided that either party may terminate this agreement at any time.

•Shipper agrees to pay Carrier promptly, following receiving the invoice. The amount to be paid by shipper to carrier shall be established between the parties on a  per shipment basis prior to commencement of each individual shipment. A load confirmation including details of shipment and revenue to be paid will be supplied  via EMAIL by Shipper/ Broker/ Dispatcher to the carrier. Confirmation will be signed by Dispatcher and return via FAX OR EMAIL to Shipper/ Broker.

•Payments are due to the dispatcher for services rendered are not contingent on outstanding payments due to the Carrier for Loads Carrier hauled for the Shipper Or  Broker.

•Failure to pay Dispatcher for services rendered will result in termination of the agreement and services immediately unless otherwise determined by the dispatcher.

Secure Dispatching Services LLC

We will also need the following from your company to start working for You:

•A complete W 9 Form. We have one you can fill out if you don’t have one.

•A Copy of your motor Carrier Authority Form

•A copy of your insurance Certificate.

Carrier/ Company Profile Form

Instructions: Please Complete this form giving us all the information that pertains to you and your company. The better informed we are, the better we will be able to assist you. This form can be updated at any time by notifying us. This information is for our use only and will not be released to any third party without your express written permission.

                                                        Part 1: Carrier Profile Information Section

Part 2: Equipment Section


PART 3: Factoring Information

COMMENTS: If you use a factoring service, please provide us with the following information. This will ensure that we only use brokers that are approved by your factoring company.

FACTORING COMPANY Name: (N/A will have one by the end of this week)

We will need login information for your factoring company to run credit checks.

                                                        Part 4: PAYMENT FORM

I Hereby authorize SECURE DISPATCHING SERVICES LLC to charge my stated credit card / debit card for the stated order number and amount

Quote # Dispatching

Quote amount is based upon information provided by customer. Customer agrees to the quote. and authorizes SECURE DISPATCHING SERVICES LLC to charge credit card below to cover any additional charges incurred by 3rd party as a result of information provided by customer deemed to be inaccurate. If the credit card is declined, the shipment can be stopped.

Card Type

I certify that I am an authorized holder and signer of the card referenced above. I authorize the SECURE DISPATCHING SERVICES LLC to charge the mentioned amount from my card on my behalf for using the Dispatch Services.